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Christian Life Center South Bend

Doug and Shanna Neal met while serving together as youth ministers in Chicago, Illinois.  In 1996 they married and became ordained in pastoral ministry.  After receiving their graduate degree in Biblical Studies they continued serving as a team but began a brand new journey to pursue a worship experience in an intentional culture of diversity.    


In 2004, Doug and Shanna Neal joined the pastoral staff of Christian Life Center in Tinley Park, IL, a multi-cultural & multi-site church serving the south suburbs of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. While serving as campus pastors, in December of 2008, Pastor Doug sat at home preparing for his daily devotion.  He felt the presence of the Lord come over him in a way that was much like the Apostle Peter’s experience in Acts 10. He clearly heard the voice of the Lord directing his family and ministry to South Bend.  Pastor Doug kept this to himself thinking it would be far off, maybe even a few years off.  Two weeks later they were offered the opportunity to pastor a newly acquired church in South Bend, IN.


In July of 2013, CLC South Bend became an independent church maintaining a relationship with our CLC TP family.  We promote the unity of the Spirit within the Body of Christ by partnering with other ministries to develop and nurture relationships throughout the Michiana region while advancing God’s Kingdom in the unity of the Faith.


Loving people to their next place in God


CLCSB is called to be a “teaching hospital” where broken people can find healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learn how to bring Christ’s healing to others.

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