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2023 Fasting & Prayer

We are embarking on a 21-day journey to seek our God together.  We are including some important preparation tips below. We hope you will join us. 

Here are some important things you need to know as we prepare:

  • This is for the entire church family including our kids and students. 

  • We will have a calendar of focus verses of scripture for each day. 

  • We are requesting everyone set an alarm for 7 am & 7 pm each day to pray for 21 minutes individually wherever you are. 

  • We will have a weekly time of worship and prayer on Wednesday nights at 7 pm.  

  • We will also recommend reading through this preparation below that can help you determine what type of FAST you might want to commit to.  

Blessings on your commitment to COME TO GOD, and COME TOGETHER, CLC FAMILY!  

Pastors Doug & Shanna

2023 CLCSB Fasting Calendar.pdf (Presentation (169)).png


2023 Fasting Calendar

Download the pdf calendar by clicking here.


Fasting 101 by Jentezen Franklin

Download this document by clicking here.


Fasting: 21-Day Devotional by Jentezen Franklin

Download the devotional by clicking here.

Fasting & Prayer 2023.png
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